Most memorials & headstones are made from granite.  This  stone is durable and low maintenance. Granite is available in a wide range of colours. Other materials used include marble and bronze.

 We offer a wide choice of granites - both Australian and selected imported materials; imported Carrara Marble along with bronze plaques.

Ceramic photos

Our photos are reproduced in Italy and have a variety of sizes and frames, dependant on your needs.

Gold Leaf

Inscriptions completed in gold leaf are truly beautiful. Each of the letters are sandblasted into the granite stone after which a base liquid is painted into the carved out letters in preparation for the gold leaf. The rice paper thin 23 carat gold leaf is then carefully and delicately brushed over each letter to make your chosen inscription contrast elegantly with the vivid colours of the granite stone.

Other embellishments available include : Majolica ornaments, statues, crucifixes in bronze, chrome and gold, large range of bronze fixtures, granite vases etc.